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Group Vigils Uniform Topic

Group Vigils Uniform Topic

WOMEN: FRIDAY 10tH January 2014

MEN: FRIDAY 17TH January 2014

Focus: Overcoming Hindrances to the moVe of the Holy Spirit among Us

    It is through the help of the Holy Spirit we were saved, through Him we were established, and through Him we have our relationship with God. He is the gentle voice that often corrects us when we are wrong and praise us when we do well. He is our Comforter, Teacher and Guide and without Him we will miss the road of heaven.

The early Church was just a gathering of people that might soon fade away for the fear of the Jews; but on the day of Pentecost, the Holy Spirit came and baptized the Church with power, since then, He became the General Overseer of the Church (Acts 2:1–4).

Any attempt to hinder the move of the Holy Spirit in the Church will put off the light of the Church and turn it to a powerless Church.

Hindrances to the move of the Holy Spirit.

a. When you don’t know Him (He is God).

b. When He is not residing in you. Have you received the baptism of the Holy Spirit?

c.  When Christians engage in secret sin.

d. When you don’t obey His voice promptly.

e. When leaders fail to receive from God for the Church.

f.  When we are full of gossips.

g. When you keep postponing His instructions.

h. When we rob God of quality praises.

i.  When we fail to tarry before God either as a Church or individual.

j.   When our service or worship lack reference to God.

k.  Poor prayer.

Where all these are happening, the Holy Spirit has been hindered and the flesh takes over.

Discussion Points

1.  From the above points, how many of them affected you or your Church? (Discuss them and write out the new steps to be taken.)

2.  What are the areas you, as a person, need to correct?

3.  The poor response of people to Amen or Hallelujah in our services, could it be as a result of hindering the Holy Spirit in our Services?

4.  Considering the kind of songs and different styles of today’s worship, do you think the Holy Spirit is not hindered?

Surely, if Holy Spirit is not hindered; our service will be heaven on earth, the Church will be blessed and increase in membership will be consistent.


1.  God, forgive us in all areas we have gone astray.

2.  Holy Spirit come again into our services and be the controller.

3.  Holy Spirit, rekindle Your fire in my life.

4.  Holy Spirit, rekindle Your fire in our Church.

5.  O God, destroy every altar of flesh and Satan in our hearts.

6.  Like the days of old, Holy Spirit move in GOFAMINT.

7.  God, restore every one of us, both ministers and members of GOFAMINT in Jesus’ name.

8.  Father, restore our zeal for evangelism through the power of the Holy Spirit

9.  Holy Spirit, raise more people with fresh anointing to do great things for Your Church.

10.  In this new Era of GOFAMINT, Holy Spirit, move Your Church forward globally.