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      Gifts of the Holy Spirit are the main instruments ordained by God to grow the Church. The availability of the gifts in the lives of the members and workers of the Church will make the job easy and sweet with positive results while its absence results in hardship and sweat; leading to frustration. What else do we think that we need to grow the Church and expand the kingdom? Knowledge, wisdom, doctrine, eloquence, zeal etc. All these, as good as they may be, cannot give us results. They can only be supplements to the main instrument which are the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Show me a Church that is having a true growth and success without manipulation, then I will show you a Church where the gifts of the Holy Spirit are operational. There is no alternative. All our efforts to get people to come to the Church in greater numbers like doing evangelism, visitation etc. will not achieve the desired results unless the Church is equipped with the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The Bible is very emphatic about this, unless we want to deceive ourselves. The pertinent question is, what do we do if we want our Church to grow and expand? The simple answer is: let us seek to be equipped with the power and the gifts of the Holy Spirit (Hosea 4:6; Acts 1:8; Mal. 3:8; Joel 2:28-30). The fear of counterfeit and negative manifestation of some gifts of the Holy Spirit is not tenable as a reason for disallowing the original gifts to manifest and operate in the Church. The Bible tells us to overcome evil with good, not vice versa. For the avoidance of doubt, the leadership of our Church does not discriminate against the manifestation of any of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. All they are concerned about is to be sure that it is genuine and not demonic or manipulative. Let us all surrender ourselves and allow the Holy Spirit to release any of His gifts upon our lives for the glory of God and the benefit of the body of Christ.

Points for discussion

1.    What role did the manifestation of the gifts of the Holy Spirit played in the lives and ministries of the early Church ministers and members?

2.    Which of the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit are truly manifesting in our own Church today and how can we improve on the present level?

3.    How does an individual member of the Church knows, his/her gifts, develop same and use it for the advantage of the Church?

4.    Mention the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit and discuss the importance of each of them.

5.    In what way do you think we can encourage or discourage the manifestation of the gifts?

6.    What can we do to prevent the abuse or wrong use of the gifts as well as demonic manifestations instead of genuine gifts in the Church? You can also analyze the excesses in the operations of the gifts as being done in some other denominations.

7.    In a practical way, what do you think we can do in the right way in GOFAMINT assemblies to make use of the gifts to grow our Church?

8.    What advice, encouragement and help can we give to individuals, especially the youths who have or desire to have some of these gifts?


Let us pray

1.    Acts 1:8, we want the power and the gifts of the Holy Spirit, in our lives and Church, let it come upon us today in a definite form, oh Lord.

2.    We decree total elimination of all demonic spirit, power and influence in and around us in Jesus’ name.

3.    Holy Spirit, we realize that we are in a dry land and we are thirsty for the water of life, send down the showers upon us, oh Lord.

4.    We present our lives ready as empty vessels for You, fill us with Your power to the full, oh Lord.

5.    We confess that it is not by our power or our might but by Your Spirit; Holy Spirit, have Your way in our lives.

6.    We want to fulfill destiny as individuals and as a Church and we need Your power to do this. Holy Spirit, we are desperate for Your presence, power and gifts, release them upon us.

7.    Release Your gifts upon our lives and make us instruments of honor for Your glory, oh Lord.

8.    Give us oh Lord, the different gifts suitable for the life of each of us for Your glory and the blessing of the Church in Jesus’ name.

9.    Whatever is in our lives which is not compatible with the abiding presence of the Holy Spirit, remove them oh Lord.

10. Because our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit, have Your way and possess us and make maximum use of us in Jesus’ name.

11. Whoever among you, having certain gifts before but have lost them, let there be restoration of the lost gifts today in Jesus’ name.

12. Raise up dynamic ministers among us for Your glory and the progress of the Church in Jesus’ name.

13. As You are blessing us with the gifts of the Holy Spirit, let the fruits of the spirit increase in our lives oh Lord, that we may lead God pleasing lives as we work for You.


 Anointed ministers should invite those who are yet to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit to be prayed for to receive the power and the gifts of the Holy Spirit.