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Full Armor Of God

breaking-news-last-2“Therefore put on the full armor of God ” Ephesians 6:13 NIV

The full armor has two parts, defensive and offensive. We live our Christian lives always on the defense. When attacks come, we reach for our defensive armor. We get the shield of faith to block the fiery darts of the enemy. We hurry to put on the girdle of truth in hopes we are strong enough to endure the attack. Depending on the nature of the attack, we reach for the piece of armor we think will protect us in that moment.

Putting on the full armor requires having both parts working together at all times. The offensive part of the armor is the word of God, that portion of scripture living in your heart. You now have the power and ability to win.

In the natural, football, baseball and basketball teams have two groups, offense and defense. Defense can only keep the opponent from advancing and scoring, while the offense can advance and score. Each group is necessary and always ready to play its part in the game.

In the spiritual realm, the key is to have the full armor polished and ready at any given time. The full armor gives us the ability to overcome the attacks of the enemy (defense) and advance on the enemy’s territory (offense).

How is your armor? Is it all shiny or do you need to pull it out of the closet and get it ready? Remember the offensive weapon is the most important. Without it you can rarely advance. We need defense to keep the enemy from advancing, but just holding our ground is not what God desires.

The goal of our lives is to move forward, run the race, press toward the mark (Philippians 3:14). NJV

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